Bold Street… as it happened.

What a day. 2 Festivals at once, 3 sold out screenings, 180 people of all ages, many more people turned away, loads of great films, tons of memories, 100 ice-creams, 3kg of popcorn, 7 ushers, and one AMAZING Small Cinema on Bold St.

People really really enjoyed themselves and the films. So much hard work in developing this screening, from the research and collecting of memories, to the madness of setting up the day before (thanks Danny for helping out! You were a life saver!), and the day itself. It was truly special.

Thankyou wholeheartedly to:

The shop -traders and public of Bold St.

And Festival – Kate and Gaby for asking us to be part of a great programme, and Bold Street Festival esp. Kate @ Utility

Our star Bold St usherettes: Lana, Stephanie and Ann, our Bold St Commissionaire, Tony, and our regular staff: Adam, Warren and Neringa

Frensons the landlords for letting us use the space for this great event.

Steven @ KIND for allowing us to share the shop and for helping us out.

Mattas for the popcorn and for letting us store the ice-creams. Coffee union for all your support. Brew Tea bar for the sandwiches. And Moss for the super smart outfits!

Liverpool City Council for its financial support.

and of course, the film-makers for their fantastic films and support. The many people who came, cheered and clapped these great short films.

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