The Last Projectionist

Steve Aldred worked as a projectionist in the empire Cinema, Widnes until it closed in 1983. He met his wife Mena at the Empire – she worked as an usherette. Steve hadn’t been to a cinema since the empire, but we were lucky enough to have him involved in creating the A Small Cinema in Widnes. Local film-maker Tim Brunsdsen made this film about Steve and Mena in which he talks about his work and goes on his first cinema visit in 28 years to the Plaza Community Cinema in Waterloo. This film was made specially for A Small Cinema in Widnes.


4 responses to “The Last Projectionist

  1. I started out as a usher in 1966 with AMC(American-Multi Cinema), then training as a projectionist in Kansas City. I eventually became the President of I.A.T.S.E. (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employee’s an Moving Picture Machine Operators of the United States and Canada, Local 170) I can relate to the changes in technology & methodology over the years and decades.

    • Hi Reggie
      It would be great to hear more about your story. Would you be up for having a chat on Skype?

      • asmallcinema,

        I appreciate the invite! Sorry so tardy but I guess this doesn’t notify when you have an update on WordPress? I haven’t gotten into the Skype yet! But I know more people have been asking me to do this, so I guess I better get with it,Hmmm;=) But until that time you can find me on facebook if you like..just Google me too!!

        Thanks again,

  2. I’m not on Skype as of yet! Thanks for the invite and lets keep in touch!!

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