getting the word out in Kirkby…

With “A Small Cinema in Kirkby” fast approaching (next weekend 29th and 30th Jan)  we thought that it was important to get the word out on the street.  This Saturday we opened the shop up to the public so that people could see the transformation.  We also asked lots of local shops to display our poster and we handed out our gorgeous Small Cinema brochures to passers-by.

We were really glad that we decided to do this because we spoke to literally hundreds of shoppers, families and elderly people who hadn’t previously been sure what the event was about.

One couple that we met had a very special connection to filmmaking in Kirkby.  Bruce and Dorothy Scott (pictured above) told us about their own experience when acclaimed filmmaker Nick Broomfield (then a student at the National Film and Television School) came and stayed with them when he was making the documentary “Behind the Rent Strike“.

So – the scene is set for “A Small Cinema in Kirkby” – it is going to be very special – we look forward to seeing you there!


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