A Small Cinema in Numbers

Ten film screenings took place over two days at the end of January 2011.  Two hundred and twenty-two members of the public attended these screenings as audience members consuming a total of four kilograms of popcorn.  Tickets cost twenty-five pence each (or an empty jam-jar) and six empty jam-jars were received in lieu of payment.

Also in attendance were one member of Liverpool City Council, Eddie Connor, one television presenter from Granada Reports and one young lady dressed as Snow White (we gave her a ticket for free!)

Six of the screenings were matinees aimed at children and four featured local documentary filmsOne of the films we screened was specially commissioned for the event: “Fighting Chance” tells the story of a Kirkby local who is fighting for the opportunity to compete in the 2012 Olympic Games.

Another specially made short film gave an insight into Kirkby’s long running outdoor market which is now in its 51st year.  We spoke to the majority of traders on Kirkby Market and we spoke to many of the shopkeepers in Kirkby Shopping Centre when we asked them about their memories of cinema.

We screened one archive film sourced from the North West Film Archive “Knowsley Today” which was twenty minutes long, and, following audience feedback we edited it down to six minutes.  Pingwood Art Group produced fourteen beautiful posters representing their memories of cinema which were framed and exhibited for the public in our cinema space.

One thousand specially designed brochure-posters were distributed giving people an insight into this whole process and during the weekend before the cinema we held an open day where we spoke to over four hundred and fifty shoppers.

When it comes to the numbers – we think that some of the little ones are just as important than some of the big ones.  Small is beautiful and when something is unique it is all the more more precious – it’s the little things that count!


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