Audience Comments

We left out some simple comments sheets for audience members to write on as they exited our “A Small Cinema in Kirkby” events.  All of the comments are listed below and one young guy drew Mickey Mouse!

“Excellent, very good for all the family. Love the memory posters” Sarah & Jack

“It was great. Really good for kids. It was entertaining as well” Sarah

“It was boss. It was funny. I loved it.” Lily

“Great show” Ethan

“Enjoyed it was lovely good experience for myself + kids” Angela

“I really like the attention to detail + the posters” Sal

“Thanks a lot it was brilliant, I especially loved the Mickey Mouse cartoon! He was more expressive than today’s characters.” Katy

“We thought it was funny and interesting” Reanne & Morgan & Kelsey & Britiney

“It’s nice to see a chance for people to see films on a smaller screen for easy to access to all. It would be good to have a show with old local films of Kirkby. Well done”.

“I liked it all. Really good. I hope you do a small cinema again” Emily

“It was a good cinema” Natasha

“It’s lovely to be somewhere different and see something different” Minna

“Enjoyed  the experience – nephew sat with a smile on his face!” Deborah

“It was very good. I was let in free because I was dressed up as Snow White” Poppy

“It was good” James

“It is very good” Amy

“It was good” Pat

“good” Estella

“good” Melissa

“I liked the bottle film” Charlie

“Children really enjoyed it – would come again” Carly

“should get more movies”

“Let me stay where I was – enjoyed that. Very good. Monsters Inc next time” Ged

“Fantastic. Hope to see it again in Kirkby. Thanks” Luke

“It was great show and I enjoy it” Nikitta

“We all had a lovely time. Thankyou”

“Really good and funny” Caitlin

“Really fun. Please come back!!!” Rhiannon

“Nice way to spend and hour. I really enjoyed it.”

“Shame it’s only 2 days. Would be good if more local film-makers could get on board to make a wide range of films about the area featuring local people. A pleasant experience all the same”

“We liked it loads.” Ellie, Luke, Chloe, Shaun, Dylan

“I think it is really good entertainment for kids. And good for adults.” Sarah

“Very good. Plz come again”

“It was really interesting. Well done!” Jane & Charlotte

“Amazing. Bring it back: Caitline

“Very good”

“Good to see the project in this place. Interesting how a ‘small cinema’ changes urban situation” Markus


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