Memories of Cinema

Silkscreen printed posters produced by Pingwood Art Group who are based at the Towerhill Community Centre, Ebony Way, Kirkby are viewable below (or over on flickr here!)


5 responses to “Memories of Cinema

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  2. these are brilliant. Are they from actual stories?

  3. Brilliant photos. I like the guy who apparently had a chicken at the cinema…

    I may be losing my mind but I think I wrote you a much longer message somewhere on your blog, talking about possible collaboration, but can’t find it now. Anyway, I’m a new filmsoc about crossovers in geography and film, planning a launch event on March 14th all about the space of the cinema (particularly mobile cinemas and means of accessing hard to reach audiences.)

    Not sure if you’re ever in London for this sort of thing? would love to make a trip up to volunteer with you at some point or just see what’s going on!

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