Unravel Project Comes To Rotherham!

Old Market Gallery is pleased to present Unravel, a touring workshop which gives cinema-goers the chance to try out film-making for themselves. People of all ages can come along to the sessions, where they will be able to literally make their mark on a 16 hour hand-painted film, gaining hands-on experience in a fun and informal setting.

The project aims to create the longest film in Britain, equivalent in length to the 874 miles between John O’Groats and Land’s End. Each metre between these two points will be represented by one 16mm frame. Participants can put their own stamp on the film by drawing, scratching and transferring texts and images directly onto the celluloid.

The end product will make up a tapestry of different experiences, perspectives and techniques from communities across the UK, and will be screened after the session so that everybody involved has the chance to view their day’s work.

The workshop is free of charge and all are welcome, from children trying out film-making for the first time to consummate professionals. This promises to be a day not to be missed. It will take place on 23 April between 2pm and 5pm.

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more info –> http://unravelfilm.blogspot.com/


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