A Small Cinema – Event Timetable

Thursday 21st April

Come down and join us as the Rotherham Mayor cuts the red tape at 6:30pm and our box office opens for business. We will be screening archive footage as showcasing local shops in our specially commissioned trailers. Our main features will be ‘Hearts of Steel’ documenting memories of the Rotherham steel industry, ‘But They Like Cricket, Don’t They?’ challenging racism in football and ‘Georgia’s Angel’ a teenagers struggle with choice and destiny.

Friday 22nd April

Join us at 6:30pm when will will be joined by Small Cinema founders Sam Meech and John Oshea. They will be joined in conversation by Old Market Gallery curator Peter Martin discussing the project and the value of local cinemas. After an intermission we have two UK premiers of short documentaries ‘The Bowler’ and ‘Flotsam and Jetsam’. This will be followed by our main feature ‘Breaking Rocks’ which tells the story of Jail Guitar Doors, Billy Bragg’s independent initiative which aims to provide instruments for prison inmates to use music as a means of rehabilitation.

Saturday 23rd April

Come down early for the Kids-screen between 10-12am as we have a jam packed morning of classic cartoons and animation, after which Unravel, a 16mm workshop, will take over the length of the gallery from 2-5pm. This will be followed at 6pm by the first ever Market-Screen a showreel of artists films curated by the Old Market Gallery featuring works by Bob Levene, Jerome Harrington, Jasmine Johnson, Rebecca Ounstead, Faye Green and one more to be confirmed. Our evening feature, starting at 8pm, will be ’Dole Not Cole’ which tells the story of the 1984-85 Miner’s Strike from the perspective of the striking miners.


2 responses to “A Small Cinema – Event Timetable

  1. Great stuff, guys. Hope the venture is a success.

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