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What makes “A Successful Small Cinema?”

Well, the bow-ties are off and the posters are taken down and now we are asking the question: What makes “A Successful Small Cinema”?

We held an evaluation meeting for “A Small Cinema in Kirkby” in our studio over in Liverpool and discussed the many the many different aspects out of which the most recent project – “A Small Cinema in Kirkby” – has been shaped.  Behind the many bespoke details there are some key components which go into making this kind of “A Small Cinema” project successful and we boiled these down to five essential elements:

  1. transformation of a space (eg empty shop) into a bespoke cinema (this includes details like a cinema screen, tickets, promotional posters, seats, curtains etc.)
  2. the commissioning of at least one new, locally or thematically relevant, short film
  3. screening of archival film footage and material sourced directly from filmmakers
  4. conducting research into peoples memories of cinema and creatively manifesting these memories within the overall event (e.g. as posters, within brochure, photographs etc.)
  5. staging of cinema screening event (requires promotion, volunteer ushers, popcorn, tickets, trailers etc.)

A Small Cinema in Numbers

Ten film screenings took place over two days at the end of January 2011.  Two hundred and twenty-two members of the public attended these screenings as audience members consuming a total of four kilograms of popcorn.  Tickets cost twenty-five pence each (or an empty jam-jar) and six empty jam-jars were received in lieu of payment.

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Widnes – Video Document

Video document of the event in Widnes. Filmed and edited by Tim Brunsden.